Scientific Name: Boswellia serrata
Common Name: Indian Frankincense
Indian Ayurvedic Name: Salai guggal
Gufic Biosciences Brand Name: Sallaki

Boswellia serrata, more commonly known as frankincense, has been used as a medicine for millennia.  In Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome it was used to alleviate many illnesses, including bronchitis, intestinal ailments, and infections. Frankincense extract remains an important aspect of the oldest medical teaching in the world: the Indian Ayurveda.  Contemporary research has begun investigating the more successful practices of Ayurveda - including the use of Boswellia serrata - and the results have been encouraging.

The German universities of Tübingen and Mannheim, as well as the Swiss university clinic in Basel, have experienced incredible success in their treatments with Sallaki pills containing Boswellia serrata. It has been shown that the main ingredient in Boswellia serrata, or boswellic acids, inhibit the production of leukotrienes, one of the main chemicals responsible for inflammation in the body and its ensuing damage. This, along with the absence of adverse side effects, makes Sallaki an incredibly effective and safe remedy for many chronic diseases.

Inflammations can be caused by various ailments, and the successful application of Sallaki has been reported for:

  •  Chronic rheumatism
  •  Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease
  •  Bronchial asthma
  •  Allergies, skin diseases
  •  Tumors

Sallaki is extremely beneficial to one's health and is free of the side effects commonly associated with other common anti-inflammatory drugs such as upset stomachs and increased blood pressure.

Dosage varies between 3 x 1 pill/day and 3 x 2 pills/day.
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