Sallaki from Gufic Biosciences Ltd.

What makes Sallaki different from other Boswellia serrata preparations?

  •   Sallaki is the first Frankincense preparation to be industrially produced in great quantities.
  •   The company Gufic has decades of experience in the production of the dry extract from Boswellia serrata – more than any other company.
  •   The plant Boswellia serrata is indigenous to India, not America. Any company that would seek to produce its own extract in America would have to import the raw materials. Unless this company had a reliable distributor in India, quality standards would be difficult to enforce.
  •   Frankincense has been used in the Indian medical tradition of Ayurveda for thousands of years. Its preparation and use therefore enjoys a long tradition on the subcontinent and has been perfected there.
  •   All prominent scientists and private doctors in Central Europe, where the effects of Boswellia serrata are widely known, chose Sallaki over other Boswellia serrata preparations. Far more Sallaki is used in clinical studies and proscribed to treat patients there than any other Boswellia serrata preparation.
  •   Sallaki contains a consistent quantity of active agents. Each pill consists of between 7-8% of essential oils and 60% of resin acids (including the highly effective boswellic acids). These amounts are by no means guaranteed by other Boswellia serrata preparations on the market.
Indian Sallaki is authentic and therefore effective! In Europe, America, and even India, there are countless medications containing Boswellia serrata, but none are able to duplicate Sallaki’s effectiveness. That is why Sallaki is the world-wide market leader in Boswellia serrata preparations.

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